Enjoy autumnal flavours with Porc Blasus

November 22, 2022

However cold and wet autumn gets, we can always make the most of its lovely seasonal flavours.

While root vegetables are abundant this time of year, and kale improves after the first frost, there is also a bounty of autumnal fruits on offer.

Moreover, with the festive season and its busyness around the corner, autumn offers the perfect opportunity to take stock and enjoy the flavours currently available on our doorstep.

It just so happens that porc tastes delicious with autumnal fruits and vegetables, and with a number of ways to cook and enjoy it, it is a delicious ‘go-to’ for any occasion, any day of the week.

Heavenly roasts

You cannot beat roast porc with golden brown and crispy crackling, and it is even better when shared with family and friends.

So, why not invite everyone over for Sunday lunch and serve some stellar showstoppers like our slow roasted belly porc with apple, honey and cinnamon or our super slow roasted porc belly with crispy crackling.

For out-of-this-world crowd pleasers and full on autumn flavour, try our slow cooked porc shoulder in cider, apples and fennel, or our slow cooked roasted porc shoulder with apples, ginger, treacle and allspice.

Friends around Friday

Not going out? Invite friends over for a ‘fake away’ meal, and stir up a storm with exciting world flavours in the comfort of your own home.

A twist on a Chinese takeaway classic, our spare ribs with stout and maple glaze are guaranteed to please – just watch them fly off the plate! On the other hand, how about some finger licking salt and pepper porc ribs to savour while watching a movie?

Explore the flavours of Japan with our porc shoulder ramen. This slow cooked porc shoulder in a flavoursome broth can be made in the slow cooker or on the hob. Alternatively, impress friends with our smooth, golden and gently spiced porc katsu curry.

Looking for a warm and delicious pick me up on a cold autumn evening? How about a bowl of fragrant Thai porc broth, brimming with porc and vibrant vegetables?

One-pot porc wonders

Easy to make, comforting, and great to share with family and friends, one-pot dishes tick all the boxes.

We cannot think of a better time of year to tuck into our hearty porc hotpot. Packed with juicy porc and the autumnal flavours of apples and root veg, this hotpot is delicious served with steamed seasonal greens.

Our porc, chorizo and white bean hotpot with chunky croutons is another great hotpot that is packed with goodness. A substantial dish to satisfy the healthiest of appetites.

For pots of flavour, why not try our paprika porc pot featuring porc three ways. This hearty dish of porc shoulder/leg, spicy porc and chilli sausages and bacon is also topped with delicious dumplings.

Equally tasty is our piquant porc casserole. With a flavoursome combination of Worcestershire sauce, paprika, mustard and orange juice, this casserole truly lives up to its name. Great served with mashed swede, potato and carrot and a mixture of seasonal vegetables.

If the weather is a little dreary, our porc tagine with apricots, sultanas and orange will soon brighten things up. Succulent porc, couscous, tomatoes, chickpeas, fruit and nuts, cooked in mouth-watering Moroccan flavours, this dish is the perfect platter to share with family and friends.

Charming chops and sublime steaks

This time of year calls for dishes with warming and gutsy flavours, and porc chops and porc steaks are a tasty option.

Our smoky paprika baked pork chops are delicious served with steamed mixed rice, smoky sauce and seasonal salad leaves, while our juicy and piquant porc chops with rarebit topping and skinny fries make an excellent mid-week family meal.

Make the most of earthy autumnal flavours with our creamy pepper and mushroom porc steaks. On the table in twenty minutes, they make a perfect meal for two.

Turn porc steaks into a party piece with our spiced porc rocket kebabs with autumn fruits relish and watch your hosting skills blast into orbit. They will be a favourite with kids and grownups alike!

Make the most of autumn with a porc dish for every occasion.

For more porc recipes and inspiration, visit: porcblasus.cymru

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