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Read the stories of Wales’s specialist farmers, artisan butchers and creative chefs who rear, sell and serve Porc Blasus.

Find out why it’s so special and go behind the scenes of the amazing journey from farm to fork.

On the farm

Ruth Davies

Cwm Farm

I can assure your there is a big difference in farming in this community with free range, outdoors and well looked after animals.

Owen Morgan

Myrddin Heritage

For us, the most important thing is ensuring we keep to the old traditions.

Mary Benfield

Pigging Good Pork

Things are kept very traditional here, as we believe in running a simple farm where the animals’ welfare and happiness come first.

Neil and Emma Rose

Rhosyn Farm

I am passionate about being able to give each pig the care and attention it needs.

Suzy Williams

Tŷ Siriol

What started off as a hobby for me and my husband Martyn turned into a real passion for discovering the source of great tasting porc.

Kate Humble

Humble by Nature

There’s definitely an appetite in Wales for quality, locally sourced porc, and we’re very proud to play our part in producing it.

Graeme and Andy

Red Valley Farm

We get satisfaction out of seeing the animals born and raised and just enjoying the environment that we’re providing for them.

Wayne Hayward

Puff Pigs

We concentrate on high-end produce here and being able to show that traceability is very important to us.

In the kitchen

Larkin Cen

Woky Ko

As a chef, I’m passionate about three things: ingredients, cooking style and taste.

Nick Spann

Bao Selecta

Porc’s tenderness is a pleasure to work with and I know our customers love it.

Angela Gray

Llanerch Vineyard

I have a thirst for knowledge about produce and its source, which has steered me to work particularly with Welsh produce.

Simon Wright


I’m a great believer in cooking with quality, locally sourced produce and we’re very lucky in Wales to be blessed with some fantastic porc producers.

Owen Morgan

the 44 Group

I founded Bar 44 with my brother and sister – we fell in love with Spanish food, drink and culture throughout our formative years, and the rest is history.

Chris Roberts

BBQ guru

Cooking is what I love to do and when you have such a great ingredient as local porc from Wales, it’s a joy to use and share with friends and family.

Tom Simmons

Thomas by Tom Simmons

Using Porc Blasus from Wales is really a no-brainer for me. The porc itself is exceptional.

At the shops

Bodnant Welsh Foods

Great produce is so easy to find here in Wales, and we should make sure that people know how much our beautiful landscape has to offer.

Dilwyn James


What you get when you buy porc produced in Wales is the knowledge it has come from a smaller herd and more natural environment.

Daniel Morris


We’re all about supporting smaller scale farmers who keep traditional breeds because that’s what we want: quality and welfare.

Rob Rattray


I have learned to recognise good quality produce: porc from Wales in particular has a nice layer of fat and a good level of marbling, which gives it a unique taste.

Clive Swan

Swans Farm Shop

We’re passionate about producing the optimum cut for our customer, and food miles, quality and traceability are incredibly important to us.

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