Welcome to Porc Blasus

The home for Wales' specialist farmers, artisan producers and master butchers of pork.

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Welcome to Porc Blasus

In Wales, we do things differently. Our farms are small scale and specialised. They're steeped in tradition which dates back hundreds of years and passed on from generation to generation of farmer. Our landscape is rich and strong in its identity. Our pigs are reared in small herds. And our farmers have visionary yet traditional values.

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Versatile, quick to cook and delicious, explore a wide range of cuts and methods of cooking tasty porc.

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Read about the specialist farmers, artisan butchers and creative chefs who rear, sell and serve our porc.

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We have brought together a list of featured suppliers, all of whom are proud to produce delicious porc in Wales. Use the search function below to find your local supplier and discover your Porximty to delicious Porc Blasus from Wales.