Valentine’s Day meals for two that will make you smile

February 12, 2021

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is still coming up this Sunday and because life is tough right now, we all need an excuse to treat ourselves a little more than usual.

There’s no better way than to lift the spirits with good food, and even better if you’re lucky enough to be living with someone you can share it with.

So even if it’s not normally your thing, we won’t judge you for putting some extra effort in this year if you feel your head – as much as your heart – might benefit from a lovely little treat.

Here’s a selection of delicious and beautifully presented meals for two that would make a fine treat for anybody – gooey-eyed romantic or not – this Sunday!

Thai porc broth 

A steamy soup made using Thai green curry paste and coconut milk makes this a warming meal for two, or if divided into four can be served as a starter if you’re really pushing the boat out and going for a three course meal.

Char siu porc with hispi salad and celeriac purée 

Created for us by Cardiff based chef Simmie Vedi recently, this beautiful, bright char siu marinade with all those Chinese flavours and a whack of umami makes this a fantastic way to serve porc.

Porc bulgogi 

Literally meaning ‘fire meat’, bulgogi is a sweet and savoury Korean BBQ dish where thin, marinated slices of pork are grilled on a barbecue – though in this recipe by food blogger Llio Angharad she simply fries the pork on the hob.

Stir-fried porc with holy basil 

Food blogger Hangry Bear’s recipe is based on the Thai street food classic pad krapow moo; the savoury spiced flavours in this dish make for great comfort food and the best way to serve this is with a crispy, fried runny egg on top.

Maple bacon brownies 

Didn’t think at Porc Blasus we’d have you covered for a three course meal? Think again! The bacon in these brownies may sound a bit strange, but we promise they taste absolutely gorgeous, and could make for a fun ‘secret ingredient’ guessing game at the end of your meal…


Don’t forget you can also visit the recipes section of our website for plenty more mouth-watering recipe ideas for more than two people.

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