6 brilliant BBQ recipes perfect for summer holiday sunshine

July 19, 2021

Well, it looks like summer’s finally here folks! With the school holidays starting and the forecast pointed firmly at sunshine and pleasant temperatures for the next few weeks at least, let’s make the most of it while we can.

To help you do just that, we’ve picked out six sizzling porc recipes perfect for an outdoors barbeque. These beauties range from classic burger and sausage based barbie fare, to something extra special for those who really want to push the boat out.

Let summer begin!


Spiced porc rocket kebabs with autumn fruits relish

Rating: super easy

Harissa-coated porc chunks skewered with peppers and courgette is a great way to make sure your BBQ platter stays nice and colourful and has different textures on offer. These DIY shish kebabs are amazing alongside fluffy, crisped baked potatoes, which you can also cook on the barbie. Sometimes simplicity really is best.

Porc bulgogi by Llio Angharad

Rating: easy

Literally meaning ‘fire meat’, bulgogi is a sweet and savoury Korean BBQ dish where thin, marinated slices of pork are grilled on a barbecue. In this recipe by food blogger Llio Angharad, she serves the bulgogi alongside fluffy rice but if you want to stay fully outdoors a pre-made Asian style salad would be a perfect accompaniment.

Chunky porc chops with sage, garlic and lemon

Rating: easy

Step away from traditional BBQ fare by cooking up these tasty porc chops – the light flavours of lemon and sage keep this meal feeling nice and light and full of summer freshness. Why not serve alongside baby seasonal veggies like sugar snap peas, sweetcorn or fennel for a cool and healthy side?

Spiced porc koftas with jewelled couscous

Rating: easy

We can’t think of anything much more summery than these beautiful ras el hanout flavoured porc mince koftas bejewelled with dates and pistachios. The fresh pomegranate seeds, mint and parsley in the couscous really make it pop and zing with flavour – a great side dish for any barbeque.

Spicy porc burgers topped with cheesy nachos

Rating: a little effort

Burger – classic. Cheese – classic. Nachos – classic. Combining all three? Genius! Mixing garlic, chilli, red pepper and harissa into the porc mince to form the burger patties adds a real punch for those who like it hot. Contrast that with cool guacamole salsa and crunchy, cheesy nachos and you are onto one banging burger.


Rating: more effort

This succulent porc belly roast is bursting with flavour and is oh so tender and juicy. Trust us, this may be more effort to make and requires some advance preparation, but my goodness you will thank us when you taste it…


For even more summer recipe inspiration, visit the recipes page.

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