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November 2, 2021

Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) has today launched a revamped Porc Blasus website, the home of Wales’s specialist pig farmers, artisan producers and master butchers of porc.

Wales is home to only 0.6% of the UK pig population, but has developed a reputation for specialising in rare breeds, high-welfare production, and high-quality niche products, with many artisan producers scooping major awards.

The redesigned website features a ‘where to buy’ section that will make it quicker and easier than before for consumers to find their nearest porc producer and how they can purchase – whether through local delivery, from the premises, farmers’ markets or retailers.

As well as having a more up-do-date feel, the website also includes features on 22 producers, chefs and butchers from across Wales, contains advice on cuts and cooking, and links to 60 tasty porc recipes.

HCC Market Development Manager, Rhys Llywelyn, said:

“The porc sector in Wales is a very different beast to many other countries. But its scale allows it to specialise in distinctive niche  products and utilise short supply chains based on small local processing facilities. As we often say, our porc is small-scale for a big flavour!

“This website will help consumers know just where to source the finest local porc, whether direct from the producer or through delivery services, farmers’ markets or shops.

“Alongside recipes we also have guides to the part pork can play in a healthy nutritious diet, and there is an opportunity to sign up to our Porc Blasus newsletter which has new recipes and competitions.”

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