What makes Porc Blasus so special?

September 28, 2022

Over the summer we held our fourth annual ‘Put Your Best Sausage Forward’ competition, celebrating the best sausages our porc producers in Wales have to offer. Three producers made the shortlist for the final, with Carmarthen’s Red Valley Farm coming out on top with their wild garlic sausages. You can read more about that here.

We asked some of our top porc producers and tastemakers why they believe Porc Blasus is the best around. From the Welsh weather to the short supply chain, here’s what they had to say.

Chris Wolsey of Prendergast Butchers believed that weather conditions and farming practices are the reasons behind the great tasting porc:

“I think Wales is such a fantastic place, we get a lot of rain but we get a lot of sun. I think the farming methods that we have in Wales are probably the best in the world husbandry wise, and it shows through in the flavour of the porc.”

Greame Carter of the triumphant Red Valley Farm had this to say:

“Allowing people to know that their products that we’ve provided is being well looked after, it’s being reared out in gorgeous sun like today. It’s as fresh and as lean and tasty as you are ever going to try, compared to the stuff that you can buy off the supermarket shelves.”

The short supply chain and the traceability that comes with it however is what Wayne Hayward of Puff Pigs believed that makes Porc Blasus stand out:

“The Welsh porc industry is very small, but there’s a very small supply chain within that. It’s pedigree, so there is the ultimate traceability with every pig having a unique number and that slow growing adds to the flavour we think.”

And what does BBQ guru Chris Roberts think of high quality Porc Blasus?

“It’s a very versatile meat and it’s beautiful. Welsh porc all the way!”

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