Why sell Porc Blasus from Wales?

The provenance of our food is a significant sales driver and a major factor in purchasing decisions. Research shows that provenance is ranked equal to taste when buying pork.

Consumers are also prepared to pay more for the higher perceived quality of pork and pork products which are locally produced using traditional methods.

Wales is in a prime position to maximise the opportunity of marketing provenance. Our farms are steeped in tradition, knowledge and expertise passed down over many generations. Our landscape is rich and varied. And our producers and retailers are innovative, producing great products using pork - or as we like to call it, porc - from whole joints to charcuterie and artisan salami.

We believe that Wales has the potential to grow its share of the domestic market. Porc Blasus was created to become the storyteller for the industry. By creating this website, we aim to raise awareness of our product's provenance and stimulate consumer demand to support our producers and independent retailers from farm to fork.

How our porc can help you

Butchers and independent retailers are the vital bridge between our farmers and consumers. As a butcher, you facilitate Wales's fantastic porc industry and are quite literally the shop window, showcasing the very best porc.

If you’re looking for a supply of delicious Porc Blasus from Wales, look no further than our online directory.

If you already stock porc from pigs born and reared in Wales, why not feature your business on our website? We’ll be raising awareness to consumers and trade, helping stimulate a demand for your products.

To help you promote your porc we’ll give you access to free Point of Sale (POS) materials, such as recipe leaflets and posters. For more information, get in touch with us.

My customers love Porc Blasus from Wales

“I’m proud to stock locally produced porc, from traditional pure Welsh Pedigree pigs – our national breed - and my customers are passionate about it too. For them it’s important to know that their food is sourced only a few miles away, with a consistency of quality that they can trust.”

Porc Blasus butcher ambassador, Rob Rattray from Aberystwyth