Maesgwyn Farm Shop Producer

We here at Maesgwyn Farm Shop are a small enterprise dedicated to providing real food locally for those of us who feel something is missing in this mass produced world.

As a child I remember when food tasted so much better than that we get from the large supermarkets today. So when we came to Maesgwyn we decided to make an effort and produce our own meat for the table in the old fashion way. In our first year we started with 3 weaners who we fattened and took to the abattoir to be cut and packaged. How surprised we were when we cooked the first joints to find how great the meat tasted and how wonderful the crackling was.

That was the start and as our friends and family found the difference in the food we produced we became known as a source of rare breed pork that actually tasked like Pork. Currently we have 3 pedigree sows ( Bess, Tilly and Lucky) as well as our own pedigree boar ( Kermit ). These we limit to a single litter a year and can now provide approx. 30-40 pigs a year for sale. We supply weaners for those who wish to raise their own and Pedigree animals for those who need to replace stock or start anew. Our main business is in supplying fresh meat which we supply in varying packages and cuts from a whole pig, 1/2 pig or a 1/4 of a pig all butchered to request and vacuum packed for your safety. We also sell meat by weight and cut for those with special needs.

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Maesgwyn Farm Shop, Maesgwyn, Capel Iwan, Newcastle Emlyn, Carmarthenshire, SA389LT