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Uniquely Ethical Pork

Our pigs are entirely free-range and meet their ends at a tiny, third generation, on-farm abattoir just 2 miles away where they are treated with care and respect. They have wonderful lives snuffling and rooting to their hearts’ content; their food is supplemented with our own wildflower meadow haylage, plus local carrots and swedes, and lots of windfall apples kindly donated by the local community. They get loads of fuss and attention from us which they love, and all come to call. We know there are plenty of other farmers producing rare breed pork to similarly high welfare standards, but here at Berllan we believe that the ethics of meat production goes beyond just animal welfare, and that our pork is uniquely ethical.

So what makes Black Orchard pork so different?

Our pigs are fed food entirely grown and produced in the UK. They have no soya (and therefore no GM) whatsoever, thereby reducing their carbon footprint and not contributing to the loss of rain forests for soya production.

They are housed in arks made from recycled farm waste, so are as kind to the environment as possible.

As far as we can we source all our farm needs from local suppliers and not national chains, thus contributing to the local economy.

Our rare breed pork truly is "rare breed" and pedigree, not crosses of two or more breeds. As well as meaning that every batch of pork bought from us will be consistent and not vary as to the cross, the Large Black is one of the country’s rarest pigs, classed as “Endangered” by the Rare Breed Survival Trust with just 318 registered sows; this makes them rarer than giant pandas or Siberian tigers. The piglets we breed who are excellent examples of the breed go on to become breeding sows or boars, and those not up to the breed standard are fattened for meat. By eating them you are helping to keep this wonderful breed alive.

We are very proud to have been granted certification by The Wholesome Food Association, and are also members of the Nature Friendly Farming Network. We are constantly working to maintain and improve biodiversity across the farm’s wildflower eadow, rare lowland rhos pasture and and ancient woodlands.

Slow roast shoulder of Black Orchard Large Black

Feedback for Black Orchard pork:

“Like pork used to taste”, “So succulent!”, “Real depth of flavour”, “The best crackling I’ve ever tasted!”, “The sausages are amazing!”

Black Orchard Tasting Box


Half pigs £160 (please discuss your butchery requests with us), deposit £30

5kg tasting boxes £45, deposit £10

Individual joints and packets of sausages also available.

Collection from Berllan Dywyll Farm, near Bancffosfelen, all meat and sausages vacuum packed, fresh on day received from butcher, otherwise frozen.

Anyone that wants to see for themselves how our pigs are kept would be most welcome to visit. Just give us a call first so that we know when to expect you.

More information can be found on our website at Black Orchard Large Blacks

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