Introducing Porc Blasus

The new Porc Blasus website is designed to bring together our specialist farmers, artisan producers, master butchers,
culinary experts and the food service industry.

We have carefully divided our site into sections so that no matter what your trade, you can find all the information that’s specific to you. See below for tailored information and learn about what we can do to support you in your industry.

Are you in the food service industry? From locating your nearest porc supplier to being inspired by a range of cooking tips and recipes, find out why porc sourced locally is the best choice for your business.
Butchers and independent retailers both large and small are the vital bridge between our farmers and the public. Find out what we can do to support you and help promote your produce, both regionally and nationally.
Farmers are the foundation of Wales’s fantastic porc industry. Find out how we can help support Welsh farmers and discover new ways to promote your porc directly to customers.