Welcome to Porc Blasus

Wales is famed for producing quality Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef, but we shouldn’t forget pork - or as we like to call it here, porc.

The profile of our porc industry is also growing and it has its own fantastic tale to tell; a story in which we believe we should all be very proud.

Our new website hopes to encourage all of us to eat more locally produced porc. Take a look around and explore our delicious recipes for cooking inspiration, from the simple to the spectacular. Find out about the porc industry in Wales below, or read about the different cuts available and the nutritional qualities of porc.

We have also interviewed farmers, butchers and chefs from all over the country to get their take on what they believe makes our porc so unique: visit our Meat and Greet section to find out more.

Tempted to find your local porc supplier? Then look no further than our online directory of producers and retailers.

We hope this website will serve as a longstanding platform to link the public and trade directly with porc producers and butchers like never before, enabling everyone to source and enjoy delicious Porc Blasus from Wales.

Reasons to buy, and love, our porc...

  • Welsh farmers are blessed with experience handed down over many generations.
  • Our porc is steeped in the tradition, knowledge and expertise needed to ensure a great tasting product.
  • Pigs reared in Wales are generally kept in smaller herds, creating a happier environment for the animals.
  • We raise a variety of lesser known and rare breeds here in Wales; from the Mangalista to the Oxford Sandy & Black, along with our very own native Welsh Pedigree.
  • Pigs are often reared for longer, allowing them to mature until they're just right.
  • Even before cooking, the difference in quality is clear. Porc Blasus from Wales often has a darker colour to its skin and a pinker, rose-coloured flesh.
  • Our more traditional, Welsh farms often have shorter supply chains. This helps support local businesses, and is better for the environment.
  • Despite being steeped in tradition, we’re not afraid of innovation. Here in Wales you can try anything from charcuterie to artisan salami - all made with our very own local porc.