Welcome to Porc.Wales

Welcome to the Porc.Wales blog and to the new Porc.Wales website. Wales is famed for producing quality Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef, but we shouldn’t forget pork. The profile of the pork industry is growing here in Wales and it has a fantastic tale to tell – a story of which we believe we should all be very proud.

Our new website, Porc.Wales hopes to encourage all of us to eat more quality, locally produced pork. Take a look around our website and explore our delicious recipes for cooking inspiration from the simple to the spectacular. Find out about the pork industry in Wales by clicking here. Or read about the different cuts available and the nutritional qualities of pork.

We have interviewed farmers, butchers and chefs from all over Wales to get their take on what they believe makes pork from Wales so unique. Visit our Meat & Greet section to find out more.

We hope the website will serve as a longstanding platform to link the public and trade directly with pork producers and butchers like never before – enabling them to source delicious pork from Wales.

Tempted to find your local supplier of pork? Then look no further than out online directory of producers & retailers selling pork from Wales.