Larkin Cen, Woky Ko

My name is Larkin Cen, and I was born and raised in Cardiff. Since reaching the final in BBC’s Masterchef in 2013, I now run the Woky Ko restaurants in Bristol.

As a chef, I’m passionate about three things: ingredients, cooking style and taste. These are the crucial elements required to create dishes that I’m proud to serve my customers.

Using authentic ingredients is really important to me. Sourcing ingredients via local suppliers means that the quality of the meat is unmatched. Locally sourced pork is fresher, more succulent and ultimately tastier - which also makes it far more enjoyable to cook with. It all helps to facilitate the creation of appetising and unique dishes for our restaurant.

At Woky Ko, we pride ourselves on producing fresh, healthy and tasty food that reflects our Asian heritage but has a contemporary twist; making it both unique and mouth-wateringly tasty. My favourite dish to create is 8 hour slow cooked pork ribs, coated in a tangy Asian BBQ sauce. When this is cooked using pork from Wales it falls off the bone and simply melts in your mouth; it tastes amazing!